Wichita’s Homeless and Marital Rape

Mike Furches guest hosts with us from start to finish. He talks to us about his many adventures over the years as an author, reviewer, homeless advocate and more. He sticks around for our chat about rape in all the forms that it takes. Mike has been homeless, abused as a child, and became an advocate because of that.

In our first segment, Mike shares how the homeless are not encouraged to take responsibility and get a hand up, not just a handout. Check all the resources below.

Mosaic Church
Wichita, KS Homeless resources
Wichita homeless shelter listing
The Lord’s Diner

In our second segment, Mike is back with his personal story which is a difficult one. Mike has found respite through religion, Christ, and God. Mike dishes on who the top three celebrities are that he’s met over the years, along with the one bad apple. People like Rob Zombie, and Kurt Warner make the lists.

Mike shares how Jesus got him out of the gang life. He tells an interesting story about his introduction to Jesus a young man along with some other stories of his life. You can find info on Mike’s book The Keystone Kid.

The hosts then talk about how to help the homeless in the best way.


Our third segment may be difficult to listen to. Our guest describes some physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Jamie and her new husband talk about recovery and how it takes a team to work through it. The descriptions are graphic.

We talk about and share experiences among the hosts and guests. We explore why it’s difficult, and in some cases, impossible to report a rape because of the situation. Mike brings up a great point that many who are in a long-term┬ásituation like marriage, or when children are abused by their older relatives, have an altered perception of what is right and wrong because that is all they know over time. The fear of coercion or threats changes how and why you make choices.

There is currently a 5 year statute of limitations reporting rape.

The Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center
WSU Campus reporting

In our fourth segment, Jamie talks about her recovery and what is typical for those in recovery. She and her husband talk about how their relationship has been based on trust, which is hard to find. Patience is key to making this type of relationship work. Mike believes that your partner has to be involved in your healing, or it will not work.

The more you keep it inside, the more you are a prizoner – Jamie

This is not something that goes away, and our hosts talk about becoming a survivor and overcoming the abuse – or surrendering to it and staying a prisoner. Here are the top three things that Mike and Jamie say are important to recovery and staying safe and sane.

  • Support Groups
  • Licensed┬átherapist – trained in rape or sexual abuse
  • partners and network of support

How dismissive are people of rape victims? It happens often. Jamie describes reporting her rape and having the officer tell her she must have enjoyed it. Listen for all the details and more discussion between our hosts and guests.

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