Wichita City Council Member, Lavonta Williams + Keiter Nursery

Since our taping with Wichita City Council Member, Lavonta Williams, she has become the Wichita Vice Mayor! Keiter Nursery shares some great ways to plant if you don’t or can’t dig in your yard!

On our show today, you’ll hear more of Lavonta’s life-long dedication to her city and its members. She taught school for many years and continues to serve through her city council appointment.

Segment One: 

All our hosts are here to talk with Lavonta Williams who is now Vice Mayor! She is a Wichita City Council member. We think she is the example that others should follow if they want to get into government at any level.

Lavonta talks about her “pet” projects like Wichita Transit. She shares the Rosa Parks project that was applied to one of our Wichita City Busses and the meaning behind it.  The bus went to local schools and will be in town for 6 to 12 months.

The crew talks about what they loved and hated most in school after talking to Lavonta about being a teacher for 34 years.

Segment Two: 

We talk about the bike path that extends from Wichita all the way through Andover and may go into Augusta! There are art projects along the path featuring prominent events and people from the Wichita area, including sports and the first ever sit-in at a drug store in down town Wichita, Ks. You should listen to hear more details about the trail and the art on it.  If you want to see photos of the bus – here’s an article from KMUW.

Sean brings up how Lavonta and many other prominent, talented, and influential, people from Wichita grew up in Lavonta’s neighborhood which has been classified as not such a great neighborhood.

They also talk about a neighborhood baseball league that has grown to be very successful.

Segment Three: 

Lavonta wants to have open and honest talks about race. She shares how she was able to ask her students to “be themselves” when she taught school. She’d like to see that as adults too.

We talk about why we think it’s not fair to talk about situations that you have not lived.

Segment Four: keiter-nursery-sign-

Robin and Sean talk to  Jeanie and Erika at Keiter Nursery on S. Broadway, Wichita.  You’ll have to take a look at some of their awesome yard art, sheds and plants. So many plants!

They also have wood to use in your fireplace, BBQ, or chimineas.  Get some good advice on when to plant and when not to plant. Have you heard about planting in a hay bale? Listen for it!