Virtual Reality Tech + Network Kansas for Kansas Business

Our hosts talk about technology in TV and digital! It’s way beyond what our stations are ready for. Rhoadie shares new and exciting tech from the recent National Broadcast Association. We even get to try some of the VR (virtual reality) tech on the show.
Do you have 4k or 8k tv? None of us do.
Show hosts: Seth, Fasa, Robin, Jenn, Don, Shawn

Shot on location at the WSU n.Oliver campus. We met with John Paul Gendron, Manager, Referral Center Programs and Operations from Network Kansas to discover all the resources available to Kansas businesses and entrepreneurs that most of us don’t even know are here.

Kansas Center For Entreprenuership
Network Kansas – throughout the state of Kansas. Wichita (at the Wichita State University campus), Andover, Leoti, and on KU campus.

Wichita’s location is on the Metropolitan Complex at 29th & Oliver.

John explains how many of the programs work through Network Kansas and how to access them.

All their services are free to use!

Did you know there’s a patent office in the WSU campus? They’ll walk you through the process of application too!


So, the process is this; You call Network Kansas and tell them your situation or what you are looking for. They will hook you up to a referral agent who then will go find the resources you need and will hook you up to it.

What kind of a market are we? You’ll have to watch to find out, but it’s kind of a big deal.

There’s so much information in this show! John stays with us for all three segments and tells us what other resources are available.



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