Midwest Battle Buddies – Service Dogs & Patriot Outdoor Adventures

Our show has gone to the dogs! We have Mark and Patriot, along with Tony from Midwest Battle Buddies!

The show opens with us talking to Mark Spencer from Patriot Outdoor Adventures – a non-profit 501c3 company that takes US veterans out for trips to help heal their emotional wounds. Mark tells us what his organization does and why. We have a discussion about PTSD in vets and the general population.

Also, do you know the rules for a “working dog”? Robin and many of our hosts did not. You are not supposed to treat a dog in a working vest like a pet. They are on the job and can be confused by having people pet them and love on them. Always ask the owner first.

Patriot Outdoor Adventures and other local non-profits actually get and use 100% of your donations for the Veterans!


2nd Segment: 

Midwest Battle Buddies  has several service dogs for us to meet, along with their paired Veteran. MBB is a local non-profit that helps match up dogs with Vets. The dogs help with everything from physical disability to PTSD and seizure alerts. Tony tells us of the overwhelming need in the Wichita area.

You’ll hear from each Vet about what their dogs do for them and, in a few cases, what the Veteran has brought to the dog. Some dogs are rescue dogs and have been given purpose.

3rd Segment: 

Three more Veterans, including a lady with a seizure disorder and the dog who has saved her life more than once. We learn more about what it takes to earn the “service dog” title.

What’s the difference between a Service Dog and a Therapy Dog?

4th Segment: 

We hear more from our Veterans about what service was like. One was on a Navy ship that was blown up. It killed many shipmates and injured more. His dog has helped him in so many ways.

Tony and Mark explain why a military and police working dog is not a good companion or service dog.

Tony also explains that dogs are the only animal who actually registers human facial expressions.