This is a full show dedicated to getting answers from Sedgewick County Seriff Jeff Easter where our hosts get answers to things like jail overcrowding, body cameras, meth neighborhoods and more!

Show Hosts: Rhodie, Don, Fassa, Robin, Jenn, Seth.
Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.

Our hosts talk about ride-alongs with our county sheriffs and local police, along with how dangerous of a job our police and sheriff’s department has.

We also gripe about bad driving and bad driving in our crazy Kansas weather.

Guests: Sedgwick Co. Sheriff, Jeff Easter
Contact info: Sedgwick County Seriff on Facebook

  • Topic List:
    Community policing – how and why it works.
  • Shortage of applicants to police and sheriff’s positions due in part to a fear of negative feedback because of our recent culture of cop hating.
  • Body Cameras and how our local force will have a few, but also why its more difficult to implement than most people think. There has to be storage for all the footage – digital footage.
  • Shortage of officers in the jail. Sheriff Easter came in and cleared out the bad elements working in the jail. Cleaned it up both physically and politically and criminally.
  • There is a mental health wing in the jail now – in conjunction with our local mental health agencies, there is now after care for anyone jailed who also have mental health issues.
  • Battling K2 and meth in Wichita and surrounding areas.
  • The Department of Children and Families (DCF) and how it connects to human trafficking and where the fault lies in some of the mess with DCF.
  • There is so much more that get covered during these 3 segments with Sheriff Easter! Watch and listen above.

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