Deronda Aiken shares more staggering facts and statistics about human trafficking and shares how the showing of the movie, 8 Days – a story about human sex trafficking to Wichita’s Orpheum theater.

12238067_1686180244956006_3392273000893404058_oShow Hosts: Don, Fassa, Jenn, Rhodie
Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.





Our show hosts chat:
Talking about hives, and Oak Mites – can they give us hives? They do bother the garden says Don! Rhoadie went to KC and bought some vintage costumes /clothing. Fassa was carbonmonoxide poisoned – by her own heater! She thought it was the flu, but it’s not. (see our business spotlight at the end of the show for more info.) Do you like Bacon or Sausage? Jenn is outnumbered.
Two runaway teen girls were picked up and raped over the weekend, but were found by police.




12194889_1686180578289306_909160903886400202_o  Deronda Aiken shares more staggering facts and statistics about human trafficing and shares how the showing of the movie, 8 Days – a story about human sex trafficking to Wichita’s Orpheum theater.
Deronda explains the premise of the movie and the plotline.
80% of all proceeds go to help those who are victims of human trafficking.
She also shares tips to help prepare parents to talk to their children about trafficking and how to help them be more aware.

Contact info: Task Force Hotline – 1.316.644.1163
8 Days – the movie on Amazon (rent, buy on intant stream, or buy the dvd).
Go to a local Quick Trip in an emergency situation if you are in danger, being chased.
Call the National Trafficking Hotline for help. 1-888-373-7888

12239441_1686181258289238_617035890014885677_oMary – Wichita Area Sexual Assult Center (wasac)
They are the local rape crisis center for over 41 years. Everything is private and confidential. (you do NOT have to live in Wichita, or even in Sedgwick Co. to use their services).

1. You are not alone.
2. It is not your fault that it happened – no matter what.
3. I can listen. There is always someone here who can listen and help you.



12189496_1686181101622587_3516610605941249216_oShe explains what the process is if you are raped and go to the hospital or even if you wait years to report the crime. They provide both nurses and emotional help, along with a host of other services, for the life of the victim.
Groups: for teens, adult women, and hopefully men soon.
Services are for all sexes – men, women, boys and girls.

We talk about the definition of Rape. It isn’t just the scary man in a dark alley. It is often someone we know and trust who perpetrates the act.

You can see all the services here: from court advocacy to therapy.

Crisis hotline: Call us at (316) 263-3002 or toll free 1-877-927-2248
Location: WASAC 355 N. Waco, Suite 100 Wichita, KS 67202
If you want someone to come provide education / speaking you can call their local office at Office: (316) 263-0185
Fax: (316) 263-0563


11222208_1686182168289147_471074036452075699_oSpotlight on Local Business: 
Aaron from Doherty’s Heating and Air explains what happened at Fassa’s house and how everyone can protect themselves with maintenance on their furnace and air conditioners.
Lots of great details about carbon detectors and how things are made now compared to older products.

Phone 316-945-5242

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