Redbud Trail Bike Path Wichita KS – Vice Mayor Lavonta Williams

Robin and guest host, David Wilkerson, take a tour of the Redbud bike trail in Wichita, KS which features some of our city’s history through photos, plaques and more.

Vice Mayor, Lavonta Williams joins our hosts later in the show to help explain the trail’s purpose and why some of the history was featured. Both Robin and David share some personal stories of many of the people featured along the trail.

There are many local firsts for the black community here in Wichita, including the nation’s first sit-in at the Dockum lunch counter downtown. There are plenty of athletes featured too, including Lynette Woodard. Watch to see who else is on here.

The Redbud trail stretches 11 miles in northeastern Wichita, intersecting with the K-96 bike path and the McAdam’s Bike Path. The trail passes city parks and employment hubs. The new segment is a 2.5 mile pathway from Hydraulic to Oliver near Wichita State.  The trail is also available in Andover, KS and you can read more about that on the Andover website.

In the second segment, Lavonta mentions a new facility that provides medical and mental health care on a sliding fee scale or free. It’s called HealthCore.


This portion of the show is about 40 minutes. Then, in the second half of the show, we have a guest chef sharing his restaurant in Halstead. This show originally aired in 2015.

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