Real People Real Life Examines Vaxxed, the Documentary + Burlesque Event

Vaxxed, An investigation into the CDC’s destruction of a study linking autism to the MMR vaccine is the documentary we discuss on the show today. Our hosts, Don and Michelle saw the movie and provide their insights. Also appearing, are a local mom who happens to be a nurse who doesn’t vaccinate, and local doctor, Dr. Stephen L’Hommedieu

There are multiple ways to view the movie through their website at Vaxxed The Movie. The panelists ask that you view the movie before telling us how this has all be disproven. Please have an open mind and see what was uncovered during the film.

We also ask that you listen to our show and hear what our guests share that they have seen in their lines of work, and at home with their families.

In our last segment, we have Victoria Voluptuous from American Rose Theater tells us about the upcoming show,  “Disrobing the Decades”. We talk about the differences (good or bad) between Vaudeville, Burlesque and Stripping, along with a demonstration of removing the gloves in a seductive, yet fun, way.


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