Parental Alienation + Bellydance in Wichita!

rprlwA discussion between the hosts about the newest movie about our troops in Bengahzi opens the show. We have a close friend who saw and reviewed the movie.
How can the government (or anyone) regulate and enforce more laws when they can’t and don’t actually enforce the current laws?





parental alienationIn our 2nd and 3rd segment, we discuss Parental Alienation which is a national and international issue. It is where one parent removes their kids from the other parent for all the wrong reasons. Two guests talk about how laws are not set up to help parents in this situation and, in fact, can be used against them.





bellydance in wichita ┬áIn our 4th segment with Holly, we learn about the Bellydance community here in Wichita! She’s a dancer with the Amira troup. We have a discussion about the styles of dance, including Raks and folk. Is bellydance scandalous? It depends on who you are, where you are and how you view dance in general. We talk about that too.






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