Bob Love and JC Guest and John Alexander share some memories along with the project It’s a chronicle of the Love Family and how much of Rudy Love’s music has not been credited – lots of big names on the project. Listen to find out who!

Our hosts also share a variety of products from Hammond Liquor for Valentine’s day and your upcoming parties.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 


Hosts: Robin, Michelle, Don, Sean

Topic: For 50 years, Rudy Love and The Love Family have created legendary music alongside the rich and famous. They are revered by icons in the music industry, yet go into any record store and you’ll be lucky if the owner knows their name. It is long overdue to expose the legend. This is The Love Story.

Bob Love , JC Guest, John Alexander
To hear music, and see more about the documentary visit the
If you have photos, film or or other connections to the Love Family that you want to share with the project, please contact the crew through their facebook page here:thelovestoryfilm 

Spotlight on local business: 
Holiday Party drinks at Hammond Liquor! 

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