Lori Graham – Kansas Senate Candidate 2016 Interview +

Kansas Senate candidate, Lori Graham, is on our show telling us what her research has led her to believe will be better solutions to our state’s problems.┬áThen in the last two segments, we have local business owners ask her questions from their point of view.

1st Segment: Lori Graham is running for one of the many Kansas state senate seats that are open this term. She’s not a career politician and has no intention of being in politics beyond 8 years. She’s a firm believer in that everyone should have term limits and that if you haven’t been able to fix problems or affect change for the better within that time, then you should let someone else step in and try.

We start by covering changing our state’s tax set up to have no personal income tax, like Texas and other states. Lori’s research shows that other states with this same structure are doing very well, and in comparison to Texas in particular, Kansas pays out similar amounts with little returns.

Then, we tackle our school funding issues. Lori tells us why she dug into the truth about how much money is being spent and why the system is not actually working, along with how some other state’s are using an education plan that is doing very well. She would like to see this approach adopted by Kansas.

Overall, Lori’s message is very much about putting the power back into the voter’s hands – our Kansas residents.


In our third and fourth segments, Kansas business owners ask Lori questions that they as residents and business owners of Kansas want to know.
The owners of http://www.villagetours.net and http://4mypromo.com ask about taxes and clarification on some other topics. But, Lori asks for their feedback too!

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