On Location At District Marketplace + Wichita Food Trucks!

Today the hosts are at District Marketplace in downtown Wichita, plus we meet some of the Wichita Food Trucks! Jenn, Robin, Fasa and Don start the show by talking about Colorado and legalized marijuana. Not just that, we talk about the medicinal benefits and all the other things that hemp can be used for that would reduce the use of non-renewable substances.

Then we talk about where you are allowed to use your bank card with YOUR money on it.

Second Segment:  Janelle from The WorkRoom and Don from Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen and District Marketplace join us along with Craig of Dappery Dodo burritos. We hear what the view looks like for District Marketplace. The plans are to create a solid community backed and supported area that supports musicians, artists, makers and the food industry. Originally, it was going to be an urban garden but has developed into something much bigger. You’ll have to watch and listen to hear about what the vision has turned into.

They’ve had crowds up to 2500 people show up for the market!

The District Marketplace on Facebook
District Marketplace ICT (website is under construction)
146 N Cleveland



Third Segment: We are back with the food trucks!

Craig of Dappery Dodo Breakfast burritos who runs out of the Mr. Natural Food Truck from 11 til 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. He’s the perfect example of one of the long-term goals that Don has for District Marketplace; an incubator for anyone who has thought about starting a food truck or restaurant but isn’t sure they can make a go of it, or who doesn’t have everything in place to start on their own.

Craig runs a new menu starting every Final Friday. He gives us some history on the kind of food he cooks and why. The biscuit and gravy burrito was so good that one of our camera crew stole it while we were taping!

Alan of  The Kamayan Truck brings several things to the table and let me tell you, they are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. They also have some of the best sticky rice our hosts have had in a long time! However, their drinks were also incredible. Watch to see what they offer.

The folks who run Funky Monkey Munchies  are a little camera shy, so Don helped out to describe their food. The crab rangoon tacos are now a household favorite for dessert!

Kind Kravings features mostly organic and vegan choices but don’t let that throw you. It’s absolutely delish. They make it all from scratch!

Don tells us about some of the new trucks including a hot dog truck, ice cream truck, barbecue and even a crepe truck! The food trucks really keep it local – they buy from local farmers and that money stays in our area. Don goes over the schedule for the trucks, along with some of the other events happening at the marketplace.

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Fourth Segment: 

We are back with Donnie and talking about the price of food truck food and how that compares to the national drive-through fast food restaurants. Then we talk about how The Workroom and the District Marketplace has blossomed slowly with building a stage for bands and musicians, and the future markets.

The Marketplace can take donations to refurbish, so keep in mind your lawn furniture and other materials like wood and more. They’ll have a donations tab up on their site soon too! But in the meantime, contact Don through the District Marketplace FB page.

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