Real People Real Life Examines Jail Rights in Kansas + more!

During our opening segment, Robin tells us about the 45th Annual Motorcycle Drag races this month, and then we have a short interview with a local therapist who’s helping the PTSD community in Wichita! Our hosts today are Robin, Don, Fassa, Jenn and Shawn.

45th Annual Motorcycle Drag Races at Kansas International Dragway (north of Maize, KS).
Saturday – Sunday August 20-21st. 2016
Live bands, Camping, Swap Meet and more!

Dr. Jeremy Crosby tells us about how education needs to be combined with therapy. He shares more about the new classes offered at his practice, Haus of Clarity, for those who suffer or live with PTSD.
The cost is affordable!
August 10th, Noon to 1:30. Seating is limited so call 316-927-3010 to reserve your seat. If you don’t get in on this one another one will be available at a later date!

650 N Carriage Pkwy #135
Wichita, KS 67208

A Mind Frozen in Time – book (documentary)

Juanita with Justice Keepers

Juanita shares an event coming up on August 13th about how our jails and prisons are currently being run now. You listen and see what it sounds like to you, but it sounds like the system is more worried about making money than about the people in there.

She tells us some of what was brought up at the last forum and what they hope to address at the next one. We also get to hear who showed up and if they helped answer questions.

Jail, Bail & Prison Forum
11 – 2pm
Ford Rockwell Library

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