How Budget Cuts Affect the Juvenile Detention Facility & Teachers

We are exploring the state of education in Kansas during our show. Our hosts chat about the state of legal marijuana in Colorado. Then we tackle the recent slew of events at local zoos in the US. Then, Robin explains what happens when the Governer calls a special session to fix some issues. Hosts: Shawn, Fassa, Robin.

Segment 2: Our guests, Jamie and Michelle used to work for the Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF). They tell us what their roles have been and why the majority of the kids are in that center. The system was set up to keep everyone safe and to help staff focus on their job without distraction¬†from the children’s crimes. There is a law that says Kansas has to provide education¬†unless you already have a GED or early graduation.

In the third segment, we find out more about how kids with mental or emotional issues are thrown in with everyone else. However, there is a level of separation when they can accommodate that need. Fassa asks a couple of very pointed questions about budget cuts, or re-allocation of education funds from the State of Kansas. Our guests share more of how it has impacted their programs and what happens to the students who’ve gone through juvie. Shawn shares a positive note about a co-worker that went through the Juvenile education program and has become successful thanks in part to that system.

Segment four has Jamie explaining how this job can be dangerous to the staff, but it’s a needed system. However, Michelle tells us that the education portion has been outsourced now and her job, along with many other teachers in the facility have been moved to new buildings and the positions were screwed up too.