Today’s Real People, Real Life Wichita shows you what martial arts can offer kids of all ages. It’s more than just self defense!

We also meet the new Q92.3, a radio station fueled by and empowering Envision, Inc., a local Wichita company that supports and empowers our blind community.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 06/01/15


Pre Show: 

Hosts: Rhoadie, Robin, Joey, Princess Fassa, Don

  • Joey’s family is coming to town, Fassa got rid of the crickets in her home.
  • Robin and Don – Jade Helm 15 is a military training excersize spread out over 6 states or so. Conducting excersizes based on an inside threat. Don wants to know why? What threat are we facing in the USA? The same operation is happening in the UK. Robin talked to a former special ops friend for more info. People believe we are heading toward martial law. But, we aren’t. We had a similar practice happen when Bush was in office. Robin and Don do think the size and scope of Jade Helm 15 is a little scary or at least something to pay attention.

1st Segment: 15.23

Topic: Tae Kwon Do martial arts – it’s good for more than self defense! It also helps develop self confidence and
We start with a demonstration from student of a wide age range. The youngest one shows a defense demo with the insructor. Elizabeth demonstrates a weapons form using nun-chucks.
Gabby demonstrates a non weapon form.
Board breaking demos, including Michelle! Yes, it’s a real, solid board, ladies!
Classes for ages 3 – adults.

Hosts: Michelle Farner
Guests: gabby, elizabeth, loren, ivy(?)
EmpowerATA on Facebook
135th & maple in Wichita,

2nd Segment: 

Topic: The kids from Empower ATA share why they joined martial arts. Host, Michelle, shares why she enrolled her son (whom has autism). A discussion of the different class levels and what gets taught at each age level.

Hosts: Michelle, Don, Joey.
Guests: Ivy, Loren, Gabby, Elizabeth.
EmpowerATA on Facebook
135th & maple in Wichita,

3rd Segment: 43.45

Topic: New Radio Station 92.3 The beat – best mixed 90’s to now music. Robin shares some great info for businesses who might want to buy ads on radio.
Owned by Envision – a company who helps the blind.
When you buy ads on Q92.3, you actually help fund programs at Envision.

Hosts: Robin, Joey, Michelle, Don
Guests: Mike Walkins Sabrina Crawford of Q92.3
Envision on Facebook

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