Common Core Curriculum + YESS Camp Wichita + Music Industry Student

dr. walt chappell - common core

We learn today about Common Core Curriculum in our schools, summer camp for special needs kids in Wichita, and what it’s like to be a student in the music industry!

Common Core in Kansas and across the country is an issue that might be hard to wrap your head around. Local mother, Jennifer McCoy, and Dr. Walt Chappell tell us about their knowledge, background and how it seems to not benefit the students or teachers. There are details about who pushed common core at the legislative level and what that looked like at the classroom levels. We follow the money back to large organizations through Dr. Chappell’s details and it would appear the changes were motivated by money. But, listen and decide for yourself.

Marty from YESS special needs summer camp in Wichita, KS tells us about the program. Both Michelle and Jenn have had children in this camp. Find out more through the ARC of Sedgwick Co.

In our last segment we hear from Mindfire Academy student, Serita about the music industry nationally, and what she’s learned while attending Mindfire.


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Parental Alienation + Bellydance in Wichita!

rprlwA discussion between the hosts about the newest movie about our troops in Bengahzi opens the show. We have a close friend who saw and reviewed the movie.
How can the government (or anyone) regulate and enforce more laws when they can’t and don’t actually enforce the current laws?





parental alienationIn our 2nd and 3rd segment, we discuss Parental Alienation which is a national and international issue. It is where one parent removes their kids from the other parent for all the wrong reasons. Two guests talk about how laws are not set up to help parents in this situation and, in fact, can be used against them.





bellydance in wichita  In our 4th segment with Holly, we learn about the Bellydance community here in Wichita! She’s a dancer with the Amira troup. We have a discussion about the styles of dance, including Raks and folk. Is bellydance scandalous? It depends on who you are, where you are and how you view dance in general. We talk about that too.







Bob Love and JC Guest and John Alexander share some memories along with the project It’s a chronicle of the Love Family and how much of Rudy Love’s music has not been credited – lots of big names on the project. Listen to find out who!

Our hosts also share a variety of products from Hammond Liquor for Valentine’s day and your upcoming parties.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 


Hosts: Robin, Michelle, Don, Sean

Topic: For 50 years, Rudy Love and The Love Family have created legendary music alongside the rich and famous. They are revered by icons in the music industry, yet go into any record store and you’ll be lucky if the owner knows their name. It is long overdue to expose the legend. This is The Love Story.

Bob Love , JC Guest, John Alexander
To hear music, and see more about the documentary visit the
If you have photos, film or or other connections to the Love Family that you want to share with the project, please contact the crew through their facebook page here:thelovestoryfilm 

Spotlight on local business: 
Holiday Party drinks at Hammond Liquor! 

Gretchen Rhodes Sings, Breast Cancer and Cannabis

 PictureIn our first 3 segments, gretchen shares video of her singing on stage with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, sings us a song about  her husband and talks about being on stage with Kenny Chesney in front of 60,000 screaming fans.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 


Today’s show features an extra special guest, Gretchen Rhodes. She’s the sister of our co-host Shawn (Roadie) Rhodes.

In our first 3 segments, gretchen shares video of her singing on stage with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, sings us a song about  her husband and talks about being on stage with Kenny Chesney in front of 60,000 screaming fans.

There’s a ton of funny moments, great insights about the music industry and big name musicians that you’ve heard of!

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See Gretchen in the Kenny Chesney video here:
Connect with Gretchen on FB:

In our last segment, the ladies of Real People, Real Life Wichita talk about cancer and the hopes of seeing help and cannabis laws passed so that we can harness the powerful healing properties of the plant to help fight cancer.


Subject: State Baton Twirling Champion shows our hosts how to do some basic twirling!  The Princess PowWow Radio Show hosts talk about their Drunken Interview series.

Hosts: Princess Fassa, Shawn Rhodes, Don Landis, The Love Brothers.

Segment 1: Stand in hosts, Rudy Love and brother Bobby Love, along with our regulars talk about how their 4th of July went, along with pets, and being vegetarian.

Segment 2: State Twirling Champion, Brie, 14 years old shares her passion for baton twirling. She’s been twirling since age 3.

Segment 3. More with Brie, the state baton twirling champion about classes and learning how to twirl. Hosts, Fassa and Rudy Love learn some twriling moves too!

Segment 4: Princess MuFassa and the hosts of Princess Powow on talk about their Drunken Interviews on the radio show. Ms. Kegels and Ginger Snatch are the fellow hosts of the show. to listen on Wed. nights.