A Tribute to Tanya Tandoc with guests Paula Lovemoore and Chef Don Diego. Celebrating the art of burlesque and photography with American Rose Burlesque and Paula Lovemoore. Why is Wichita, KS number 5 on the FBI watch list for Human Trafficking with Deronda Aiken of Global Portal 4 Freedom.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. Date: June 27/2015

Hosts: Michelle, Joe, Robin, Rhodie, DonTopics:
Rhoadie talks about his trip to Italy with an impression.
Joe talks about the Cigar Circus and filming at Stixx pool lounge.
Robin Talks about the recent tax hikes in Kansas.
Don mentions an upcoming event sponsored by the Wichita Independent Neighborhood Association.

1st Segment: 
Topic: Human Trafficking (sex slavery) Awareness & Prevention- Wichita, KS is #5 on the FBI list. We are an origination city.
A victim profile: age 11-14, foster kids or abused kids, lack of family or life-long friends.

Hosts: Robin, Joe, Michelle, Don

Guest: Deronda Aiken
Website: globalportal4freedom.com
Contact info: Task Force Hotline – 1.316.644.1163

2nd Segment: 
Topics: Celebrating the art of burlesque and photography with Paula Lovemoore, and Tara and Maggie.

Hosts: Robin, Michelle, Rhoadie

Guest: Paula Lovemore ofPaula LoveMoore Photography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulaMoorePhotography

Guest: Tara Heartstrings & Maggie O
Website: American Rose Wichita
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/ARTBurlesque?fref=ts

3rd Segment:
Topics: a Tribute to Tanya Tandoc – hosts and guests share their personal experiences and memories about Tanya. Tanya was trajically murdered recently and this show is a from-the-heart tribute to her inspiration and love both as a professional and as an artist.

Hosts: Rhoadie, Robin, Michelle, Joe, Don, Robin

Guest in spirit: Tanya Tandoc
Tanya’s Tribute Event
The tribute video
Tanysa’s Soup Kitchen




Exploring Local Community Support Programs with Juanita Ridge, the Heal Angry Shootout and mentorship program with brothers Antoine and Tracy Carr, and Reaching out from Within – a volunteer mentoring program for inmates and former inmates at Kansas correctional facilities.
Show #25 Taped live on January 14, 2015 in Wichita, KS.

Hosts: Joey, Don, Robin, MichelleBeard or no beard? Joey says it might be there forever.
Don talks about a medicare benefit called Silver Sneakers.
Robin talks politics, budgets, taxes, what happens behind what the public sees?- KS Governer, Brownback under investigation.

1st Segment:
Topic: Guest Juanita Ridge has started and advocated for many Community Projects in Wichita, KS. over the years to help community members stay out of trouble, get out trouble and live a better life.
Discussion of prison inmates and programs to help re-integrate to our society. Looking for solutions, instead of ignoring issues that create prisoners.
Keeping our kids safe by leaving our kid’s photos off social media?

Hosts: Joey, Don, Robin, Michelle
Guest: Juanita Ridge
Contact: soamazing90210@hotmail.com

2nd Segment:
Topic: Brothers, Tracy and Antoine Carr share their new project.
Heal Angry Shootout at WSU – A charity and mentorship to help the community in Wichita, KS. in conjunction with the Diabetes association and other local health agencies. Starting in the elementary schools and getting the parents involved.Hosts: Joey, Don, Robin, Michelle
Guests: Antoine Carr –  16 year veteran of the NBA. & Tracy Carr
Contact: www.atacpromotions.com

3rd Segment: 
Topics: 2nd Annual Sweetheart Suprise event to benefit Reaching out from Within – a volunteer mentoring program for inmates and former inmates at Kansas correctional facilities. A chat about how the program works and it is not a religion based program. Support for everything from work and resumes to family and community engagement.
Meet every 3rd sunday at Westview Babtist Church. 1325 s meridian, Wichita, KS.

Guest: Crystal Mason & Paul Posch
Contacts: www.rofw.org