Gretchen Rhodes Sings, Breast Cancer and Cannabis

 PictureIn our first 3 segments, gretchen shares video of her singing on stage with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, sings us a song about  her husband and talks about being on stage with Kenny Chesney in front of 60,000 screaming fans.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 


Today’s show features an extra special guest, Gretchen Rhodes. She’s the sister of our co-host Shawn (Roadie) Rhodes.

In our first 3 segments, gretchen shares video of her singing on stage with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, sings us a song about  her husband and talks about being on stage with Kenny Chesney in front of 60,000 screaming fans.

There’s a ton of funny moments, great insights about the music industry and big name musicians that you’ve heard of!

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See Gretchen in the Kenny Chesney video here:
Connect with Gretchen on FB:

In our last segment, the ladies of Real People, Real Life Wichita talk about cancer and the hopes of seeing help and cannabis laws passed so that we can harness the powerful healing properties of the plant to help fight cancer.


ata marial arts on real people real life wichita

Today’s Real People, Real Life Wichita shows you what martial arts can offer kids of all ages. It’s more than just self defense!

We also meet the new Q92.3, a radio station fueled by and empowering Envision, Inc., a local Wichita company that supports and empowers our blind community.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 06/01/15


Pre Show: 

Hosts: Rhoadie, Robin, Joey, Princess Fassa, Don

  • Joey’s family is coming to town, Fassa got rid of the crickets in her home.
  • Robin and Don – Jade Helm 15 is a military training excersize spread out over 6 states or so. Conducting excersizes based on an inside threat. Don wants to know why? What threat are we facing in the USA? The same operation is happening in the UK. Robin talked to a former special ops friend for more info. People believe we are heading toward martial law. But, we aren’t. We had a similar practice happen when Bush was in office. Robin and Don do think the size and scope of Jade Helm 15 is a little scary or at least something to pay attention.

1st Segment: 15.23

Topic: Tae Kwon Do martial arts – it’s good for more than self defense! It also helps develop self confidence and
We start with a demonstration from student of a wide age range. The youngest one shows a defense demo with the insructor. Elizabeth demonstrates a weapons form using nun-chucks.
Gabby demonstrates a non weapon form.
Board breaking demos, including Michelle! Yes, it’s a real, solid board, ladies!
Classes for ages 3 – adults.

Hosts: Michelle Farner
Guests: gabby, elizabeth, loren, ivy(?) 
EmpowerATA on Facebook
135th & maple in Wichita,

2nd Segment: 

Topic: The kids from Empower ATA share why they joined martial arts. Host, Michelle, shares why she enrolled her son (whom has autism). A discussion of the different class levels and what gets taught at each age level.

Hosts: Michelle, Don, Joey.
Guests: Ivy, Loren, Gabby, Elizabeth. 
EmpowerATA on Facebook
135th & maple in Wichita,

3rd Segment: 43.45

Topic: New Radio Station 92.3 The beat – best mixed 90’s to now music. Robin shares some great info for businesses who might want to buy ads on radio.
Owned by Envision – a company who helps the blind.
When you buy ads on Q92.3, you actually help fund programs at Envision.

Hosts: Robin, Joey, Michelle, Don
Guests: Mike Walkins Sabrina Crawford of Q92.3 
Envision on Facebook

ata 3radio


Guests  Homer Krehbiel of Krehbiel Meats in McPherson and Paul Rodriquez of Prestige Floor Care discuss healthier meats, suplements and cleaning your carpets and floors to stay healthy.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.  Date: May 5, 2015

Show hosts: Rhoadie, Joey, Robin, Don, Michelle, Joe

Pre-Show :Rhoadie-

  • National Association of Broadcasters in Vegas.
  • HD TVs  – 4K and 8K, but no signal for them.
  • Talking about ditching cable, and using only internet for watching tv shows and movies.
  • Local cable providers = do they suck?

Michelle –
Colorado, marijuana, essential oils, aromatherapy and the FDA trying to step in.

Segment One: 

Hosts: Joey, Rhodie, Robin, Don, Michelle

Guest: Homer Krehbiel  – McPherson, KS
Krehbiel  Meats in McPherson 

– German Sausage – at the KS State Fair!
– Buffalo, Ostrich, chickens,


  • how current meat is raised, what they get injected with, how fast the turnover is, and how bad we eat now.
  • Health & Wellness Seminar – Moringa olivera Tree

Segment Two:

Guest: Paul Rodriquez – Wichita, KS
Prestige Floor Care
Prestige on Facebook


  • Dirt and allergens sink into your carpets and furniture over time
  • Wed vs Dry carpet cleaning
  • Having it cleaned professionally will help you remove all the gunk and allergens.


Show Summary: 8 person panel on autism Long discussion about autism, resources, Chat with Wichita City Council runner, Anthony Mitchell about local issues and why he’s the best candidate.
Taped Live in Wichita, KS January 20th, 2015.

Hosts: Don, Joe, Joey, Robin, Michelle

  • Robin talks about legislation currently at the Topeka capitol – specifically about marijuana. Raising the “sin” tax which Robin thinks is “selective taxing”.
  • Joe talks about how taxes affect the local businesses.
  • Allowing beer and wine sales at your local grocery stores and big box stores? Does it drive up costs? Joe and Robin discuss opposite views.
  • Don shares that the 27th is last day to register to run for office in Wichita, KS.
1st Segment: 14:40
Hosts: Michelle, Dawn Eck
Guest: Davis Westbrock, samantha Westbrock, Emily Westbrock, Sherry Fallis, Jenn Brockman, Erin Warry.Topic: Autism and how it affects families, what resources are available locally, how difficult is it to raise someone with autism, and how hard is it to navigate the world with autism.
A panel of families who have a family member with autism.David (16) shares how he doesn’t notice being picked on, but his mom and sister (13) notice it all the time. Emily talks about hearing other kids put down her brother and other kids with special needs.Host Michelle shares how her own son has recently been diagnosed. She also admits to being a person who judged other parents for a child behaving badly, but now understands the difference between bad behavior and a meltdown.Erin shares how she’s an adult on the spectrum, in college and whom has had a long term romantic relationship. Has a twin brother. Points out that she is aware how difficult it is for her family – her brother specifically.