Interfaith Ministries on Real People Real Life

Interfaith Ministries on Real People Real Life

Interfaith Ministries on Real People Real Life 2017 with hosts Robin and Michelle.


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Real People Real Life Examines Vaxxed, the Documentary + Burlesque Event

real people real life vaxxed

Vaxxed, An investigation into the CDC’s destruction of a study linking autism to the MMR vaccine is the documentary we discuss on the show today. Our hosts, Don and Michelle saw the movie and provide their insights. Also appearing, are a local mom who happens to be a nurse who doesn’t vaccinate, and local doctor, Dr. Stephen L’Hommedieu

There are multiple ways to view the movie through their website at Vaxxed The Movie. The panelists ask that you view the movie before telling us how this has all be disproven. Please have an open mind and see what was uncovered during the film.

We also ask that you listen to our show and hear what our guests share that they have seen in their lines of work, and at home with their families.

In our last segment, we have Victoria Voluptuous from American Rose Theater tells us about the upcoming show,  “Disrobing the Decades”. We talk about the differences (good or bad) between Vaudeville, Burlesque and Stripping, along with a demonstration of removing the gloves in a seductive, yet fun, way.


Redbud Trail Bike Path Wichita KS – Vice Mayor Lavonta Williams

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Robin and guest host, David Wilkerson, take a tour of the Redbud bike trail in Wichita, KS which features some of our city’s history through photos, plaques and more.

Vice Mayor, Lavonta Williams joins our hosts later in the show to help explain the trail’s purpose and why some of the history was featured. Both Robin and David share some personal stories of many of the people featured along the trail.

There are many local firsts for the black community here in Wichita, including the nation’s first sit-in at the Dockum lunch counter downtown. There are plenty of athletes featured too, including Lynette Woodard. Watch to see who else is on here.

The Redbud trail stretches 11 miles in northeastern Wichita, intersecting with the K-96 bike path and the McAdam’s Bike Path. The trail passes city parks and employment hubs. The new segment is a 2.5 mile pathway from Hydraulic to Oliver near Wichita State.  The trail is also available in Andover, KS and you can read more about that on the Andover website.

In the second segment, Lavonta mentions a new facility that provides medical and mental health care on a sliding fee scale or free. It’s called HealthCore.


This portion of the show is about 40 minutes. Then, in the second half of the show, we have a guest chef sharing his restaurant in Halstead. This show originally aired in 2015.


2551861_origBrandon Johnson shares the Kansas Reinvestment Act which help fund new businesses for underdeveloped communities. Exciting information!

He also shares his CORE program and so much more. This is an information packed show!

Brea Malcom and Larry Provo share the Man or Woman of the year for LLS (leukemia and lymphoma society).

Spotlight on local business: Credit King.
Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 

Brandon Johnson shares local community opportunities to help build up areas of Wichita, along with health concerns for our citizens. 
Find Brandon on Facebook here:

Senate Bill 317:
Sunflower Community Action:

LLS Woman of the Year info: 
Donations and auction items are welcome. Starting March 31st for 10 weeks, Brea needs to raise money to help support LLS.
FB Page:
Official LLS page –
Spotlight on Local Business:
Malcom and Al from Credit King Auto Sales at King’s Corner!


Shot on location at Easy Pay Auto Sales, our crew talks buying used cars at this time of year and why stock is the best it’s been in a long time!

Later Jenn and Fassa interview Joe Caldart about RSD and his band’s involvement with the movie Trial By Fire.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 

1st Segment: Hosts talk about recent Kansas legislation put up for women to have to wear certain clothing when appearing before the legislature. We talk about why we think it’s ridiculous.

2nd Segment: Samantha Bidwell at Easy Pay Auto Sales explains why their selection is the best it’s been in a while, along with how lay-a-way works with their cars, and how they can work with pretty much any type of credit.
3rd segment: Sam an our hosts go look at their favorite cars on the lot!
Easy Pay Auto Sales website

4th Segment: Joe Caldart talks about RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), how it’s affected him. He talks about his band (with his kids) and the movie his band wrote a song for that’s a documentary style movie about RSD produced by Bob Marley’s nephew.
Here are links to the people, places, and organizations mentioned during the interview.


Trial By Fire Movie
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