How Budget Cuts Affect the Juvenile Detention Facility & Teachers

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We are exploring the state of education in Kansas during our show. Our hosts chat about the state of legal marijuana in Colorado. Then we tackle the recent slew of events at local zoos in the US. Then, Robin explains what happens when the Governer calls a special session to fix some issues. Hosts: Shawn, Fassa, Robin.

Segment 2: Our guests, Jamie and Michelle used to work for the Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF). They tell us what their roles have been and why the majority of the kids are in that center. The system was set up to keep everyone safe and to help staff focus on their job without distraction from the children’s crimes. There is a law that says Kansas has to provide education unless you already have a GED or early graduation.

In the third segment, we find out more about how kids with mental or emotional issues are thrown in with everyone else. However, there is a level of separation when they can accommodate that need. Fassa asks a couple of very pointed questions about budget cuts, or re-allocation of education funds from the State of Kansas. Our guests share more of how it has impacted their programs and what happens to the students who’ve gone through juvie. Shawn shares a positive note about a co-worker that went through the Juvenile education program and has become successful thanks in part to that system.

Segment four has Jamie explaining how this job can be dangerous to the staff, but it’s a needed system. However, Michelle tells us that the education portion has been outsourced now and her job, along with many other teachers in the facility have been moved to new buildings and the positions were screwed up too.

Virtual Reality Tech + Network Kansas for Kansas Business

network kansas

Our hosts talk about technology in TV and digital! It’s way beyond what our stations are ready for. Rhoadie shares new and exciting tech from the recent National Broadcast Association. We even get to try some of the VR (virtual reality) tech on the show.
Do you have 4k or 8k tv? None of us do.
Show hosts: Seth, Fasa, Robin, Jenn, Don, Shawn

Shot on location at the WSU n.Oliver campus. We met with John Paul Gendron, Manager, Referral Center Programs and Operations from Network Kansas to discover all the resources available to Kansas businesses and entrepreneurs that most of us don’t even know are here.

Kansas Center For Entreprenuership
Network Kansas – throughout the state of Kansas. Wichita (at the Wichita State University campus), Andover, Leoti, and on KU campus.

Wichita’s location is on the Metropolitan Complex at 29th & Oliver.

John explains how many of the programs work through Network Kansas and how to access them.

All their services are free to use!

Did you know there’s a patent office in the WSU campus? They’ll walk you through the process of application too!


So, the process is this; You call Network Kansas and tell them your situation or what you are looking for. They will hook you up to a referral agent who then will go find the resources you need and will hook you up to it.

What kind of a market are we? You’ll have to watch to find out, but it’s kind of a big deal.

There’s so much information in this show! John stays with us for all three segments and tells us what other resources are available.



Common Core Curriculum + YESS Camp Wichita + Music Industry Student

dr. walt chappell - common core

We learn today about Common Core Curriculum in our schools, summer camp for special needs kids in Wichita, and what it’s like to be a student in the music industry!

Common Core in Kansas and across the country is an issue that might be hard to wrap your head around. Local mother, Jennifer McCoy, and Dr. Walt Chappell tell us about their knowledge, background and how it seems to not benefit the students or teachers. There are details about who pushed common core at the legislative level and what that looked like at the classroom levels. We follow the money back to large organizations through Dr. Chappell’s details and it would appear the changes were motivated by money. But, listen and decide for yourself.

Marty from YESS special needs summer camp in Wichita, KS tells us about the program. Both Michelle and Jenn have had children in this camp. Find out more through the ARC of Sedgwick Co.

In our last segment we hear from Mindfire Academy student, Serita about the music industry nationally, and what she’s learned while attending Mindfire.


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Wichita Gridiron 2016 and Kandi Man Stained Glass

We have Bucky Walters and Dona Lancaster from the Wichita Gridiron! It’s the 48th consecutive year for this funny show honoring and recognizing the humor in our journalists for Wichita.

Our hosts are Don, Michelle, Sean and Seth.

1st, 2nd, 3rd segments:
The Wichita Gridiron raises money for journalism scholarships and is happening April 14th, 15th, and 16th. Each night, they will also feature a local restaurant and our Wichita Food Trucks!

You should watch to hear funny stories of celebrities both local and national, along with how the scholarships benefit those who want to go into journalism.

Check them out on their Facebook Page too.

4th segment: Spotlight on Local Business
Jason of Kandi Man designs brings his stained glass to share.





Lots of examples of job openings after graduation, and Rhodie shares about working on movie sets and more through the Butler program.

Al brings some yummy food for our hosts to try out. He explains what type of restaurant – a homestyle setting – and what types of ingredients he uses.

Show Hosts: Rhodie, Don, Fassa.
Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.

Guests: Daryl Runyun
Head of the I3 dept. at Butler Community College. Interactive Technology.
Contact info: (316) 733-0071
13th street campus in Andover.

Lots of examples of job openings after graduation and Rhodie shares about working on movie sets and more through the Butler program.

Daryl shares more about the new division and the fun new equipment for production and learning. Anyone can take the classes in the I3 division.

Game development, video programming and you get an associates degree! 2 year degree and you don’t have to have previous experience or college to join the program.

Scholarships are available!

Guests: Alan Schmit of Al’s Place
Contact info: (316) 835-5035
221 Main St., Halstead

Monday thru Wednesday: 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Thursday thru Saturday: 5 a.m. – 2 p.m., and 5 – 8 p.m.
Sunday brunch: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Al brings some yummy food for our hosts to try out. He explains what type of restaurant – a homestyle setting – and what types of ingredients he uses.