On Location At District Marketplace + Wichita Food Trucks!

Today the hosts are at District Marketplace in downtown Wichita, plus we meet some of the Wichita Food Trucks! Jenn, Robin, Fasa and Don start the show by talking about Colorado and legalized marijuana. Not just that, we talk about the medicinal benefits and all the other things that hemp can be used for that would reduce the use of non-renewable substances.

Then we talk about where you are allowed to use your bank card with YOUR money on it.

Second Segment:  Janelle from The WorkRoom and Don from Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen and District Marketplace join us along with Craig of Dappery Dodo burritos. We hear what the view looks like for District Marketplace. The plans are to create a solid community backed and supported area that supports musicians, artists, makers and the food industry. Originally, it was going to be an urban garden but has developed into something much bigger. You’ll have to watch and listen to hear about what the vision has turned into.

They’ve had crowds up to 2500 people show up for the market!

The District Marketplace on Facebook
District Marketplace ICT (website is under construction)
146 N Cleveland



Third Segment: We are back with the food trucks!

Craig of Dappery Dodo Breakfast burritos who runs out of the Mr. Natural Food Truck from 11 til 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. He’s the perfect example of one of the long-term goals that Don has for District Marketplace; an incubator for anyone who has thought about starting a food truck or restaurant but isn’t sure they can make a go of it, or who doesn’t have everything in place to start on their own.

Craig runs a new menu starting every Final Friday. He gives us some history on the kind of food he cooks and why. The biscuit and gravy burrito was so good that one of our camera crew stole it while we were taping!

Alan of  The Kamayan Truck brings several things to the table and let me tell you, they are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. They also have some of the best sticky rice our hosts have had in a long time! However, their drinks were also incredible. Watch to see what they offer.

The folks who run Funky Monkey Munchies  are a little camera shy, so Don helped out to describe their food. The crab rangoon tacos are now a household favorite for dessert!

Kind Kravings features mostly organic and vegan choices but don’t let that throw you. It’s absolutely delish. They make it all from scratch!

Don tells us about some of the new trucks including a hot dog truck, ice cream truck, barbecue and even a crepe truck! The food trucks really keep it local – they buy from local farmers and that money stays in our area. Don goes over the schedule for the trucks, along with some of the other events happening at the marketplace.

13062981_1746135585627138_4905133200856023129_o 13055873_1746137378960292_1750771564937559669_o


Fourth Segment: 

We are back with Donnie and talking about the price of food truck food and how that compares to the national drive-through fast food restaurants. Then we talk about how The Workroom and the District Marketplace has blossomed slowly with building a stage for bands and musicians, and the future markets.

The Marketplace can take donations to refurbish, so keep in mind your lawn furniture and other materials like wood and more. They’ll have a donations tab up on their site soon too! But in the meantime, contact Don through the District Marketplace FB page.

13064758_1746137375626959_4798661146591027095_o 13112865_1746134888960541_6819735708397104429_o

Wichita’s Homeless and Marital Rape

real people real life rape show

Mike Furches guest hosts with us from start to finish. He talks to us about his many adventures over the years as an author, reviewer, homeless advocate and more. He sticks around for our chat about rape in all the forms that it takes. Mike has been homeless, abused as a child, and became an advocate because of that.

In our first segment, Mike shares how the homeless are not encouraged to take responsibility and get a hand up, not just a handout. Check all the resources below.

Mosaic Church
Wichita, KS Homeless resources
Wichita homeless shelter listing
The Lord’s Diner

In our second segment, Mike is back with his personal story which is a difficult one. Mike has found respite through religion, Christ, and God. Mike dishes on who the top three celebrities are that he’s met over the years, along with the one bad apple. People like Rob Zombie, and Kurt Warner make the lists.

Mike shares how Jesus got him out of the gang life. He tells an interesting story about his introduction to Jesus a young man along with some other stories of his life. You can find info on Mike’s book The Keystone Kid.

The hosts then talk about how to help the homeless in the best way.


Our third segment may be difficult to listen to. Our guest describes some physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Jamie and her new husband talk about recovery and how it takes a team to work through it. The descriptions are graphic.

We talk about and share experiences among the hosts and guests. We explore why it’s difficult, and in some cases, impossible to report a rape because of the situation. Mike brings up a great point that many who are in a long-term situation like marriage, or when children are abused by their older relatives, have an altered perception of what is right and wrong because that is all they know over time. The fear of coercion or threats changes how and why you make choices.

There is currently a 5 year statute of limitations reporting rape.

The Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center
WSU Campus reporting

In our fourth segment, Jamie talks about her recovery and what is typical for those in recovery. She and her husband talk about how their relationship has been based on trust, which is hard to find. Patience is key to making this type of relationship work. Mike believes that your partner has to be involved in your healing, or it will not work.

The more you keep it inside, the more you are a prizoner – Jamie

This is not something that goes away, and our hosts talk about becoming a survivor and overcoming the abuse – or surrendering to it and staying a prisoner. Here are the top three things that Mike and Jamie say are important to recovery and staying safe and sane.

  • Support Groups
  • Licensed therapist – trained in rape or sexual abuse
  • partners and network of support

How dismissive are people of rape victims? It happens often. Jamie describes reporting her rape and having the officer tell her she must have enjoyed it. Listen for all the details and more discussion between our hosts and guests.

Unity in the Community

We have a discussion about our community and the disparity that we all see within it. Our topics are controversial to some, and there are some surprisingly heated moments. Overall, we want to see Unity in the Community. Please watch and feel free to leave your comments about the show on youtube, Facebook, or on our site.

Segment 1:
We have a chat about our club scene in downtown Wichita and the violence that has been happening in the last year or two.
Have we lost our teen scenes and are our young adults really grown up enough to be in the night clubs? Not according to psychology.

Segment 2:
Dewan – Sunflower Community Action https://www.facebook.com/Sunflowercommunityaction/?fref=tshttp://www.sunfloweract.org/
They see a disconnect between the community and the police. They’ve had some conversations with the new Wichita Police Chief. But, they have yet to see the changes take place at the community level.

There is a conversation about skin color (not just black and white), wars, and there are some strong, yet different, opinions from this panel!

Segment 3:
Ty talks about going back to school after being laid off. Got done with 3 degrees within 4 hours, but can’t get hired anywhere in order to pay for the loans that it took to get those degrees.
She talks about statistics that Harvard found related to racial disparity when it comes to work and school.

The discussion gets heated – are people having a pitty party or are they just plain frustrated? It appears to be both. What can you do about it? The crew has some suggestion.

Segment 4:
juneteenth June 19 is when the last slaves were released from Texas.
In celebration of this historic event, our community (and the whole world) will be offering free health screenings and other celebrations!
This is a week long festival – with parades, free movies, game nights and health screenings. You can find more on their Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/452528318289391/

Wichita City Council Member, Lavonta Williams + Keiter Nursery

Real People Real Life Wichita Logo

Since our taping with Wichita City Council Member, Lavonta Williams, she has become the Wichita Vice Mayor! Keiter Nursery shares some great ways to plant if you don’t or can’t dig in your yard!

On our show today, you’ll hear more of Lavonta’s life-long dedication to her city and its members. She taught school for many years and continues to serve through her city council appointment.

Segment One: 

All our hosts are here to talk with Lavonta Williams who is now Vice Mayor! She is a Wichita City Council member. We think she is the example that others should follow if they want to get into government at any level.

Lavonta talks about her “pet” projects like Wichita Transit. She shares the Rosa Parks project that was applied to one of our Wichita City Busses and the meaning behind it.  The bus went to local schools and will be in town for 6 to 12 months.

The crew talks about what they loved and hated most in school after talking to Lavonta about being a teacher for 34 years.

Segment Two: 

We talk about the bike path that extends from Wichita all the way through Andover and may go into Augusta! There are art projects along the path featuring prominent events and people from the Wichita area, including sports and the first ever sit-in at a drug store in down town Wichita, Ks. You should listen to hear more details about the trail and the art on it.  If you want to see photos of the bus – here’s an article from KMUW.

Sean brings up how Lavonta and many other prominent, talented, and influential, people from Wichita grew up in Lavonta’s neighborhood which has been classified as not such a great neighborhood.

They also talk about a neighborhood baseball league that has grown to be very successful.

Segment Three: 

Lavonta wants to have open and honest talks about race. She shares how she was able to ask her students to “be themselves” when she taught school. She’d like to see that as adults too.

We talk about why we think it’s not fair to talk about situations that you have not lived.

Segment Four: keiter-nursery-sign-

Robin and Sean talk to  Jeanie and Erika at Keiter Nursery on S. Broadway, Wichita.  You’ll have to take a look at some of their awesome yard art, sheds and plants. So many plants!

They also have wood to use in your fireplace, BBQ, or chimineas.  Get some good advice on when to plant and when not to plant. Have you heard about planting in a hay bale? Listen for it!


Wichita Gridiron 2016 and Kandi Man Stained Glass

We have Bucky Walters and Dona Lancaster from the Wichita Gridiron! It’s the 48th consecutive year for this funny show honoring and recognizing the humor in our journalists for Wichita.

Our hosts are Don, Michelle, Sean and Seth.

1st, 2nd, 3rd segments:
The Wichita Gridiron raises money for journalism scholarships and is happening April 14th, 15th, and 16th. Each night, they will also feature a local restaurant and our Wichita Food Trucks!

You should watch to hear funny stories of celebrities both local and national, along with how the scholarships benefit those who want to go into journalism.

Check them out on their Facebook Page too.

4th segment: Spotlight on Local Business
Jason of Kandi Man designs brings his stained glass to share.



Parental Alienation + Bellydance in Wichita!

rprlwA discussion between the hosts about the newest movie about our troops in Bengahzi opens the show. We have a close friend who saw and reviewed the movie.
How can the government (or anyone) regulate and enforce more laws when they can’t and don’t actually enforce the current laws?





parental alienationIn our 2nd and 3rd segment, we discuss Parental Alienation which is a national and international issue. It is where one parent removes their kids from the other parent for all the wrong reasons. Two guests talk about how laws are not set up to help parents in this situation and, in fact, can be used against them.





bellydance in wichita  In our 4th segment with Holly, we learn about the Bellydance community here in Wichita! She’s a dancer with the Amira troup. We have a discussion about the styles of dance, including Raks and folk. Is bellydance scandalous? It depends on who you are, where you are and how you view dance in general. We talk about that too.







 Hosts: Jenn, Don, Michelle, Robin, Sean and guest host – Shiva!

A fun, funny and lively discussion about cultural differences and how food brings us all together with our guest host, Shiva who is of Indian descent.  Lots of laughs and some deep thoughts on this real life topic.

Local Expert, Jordan from Kansas Strength & Performance talks to us about getting in shape and how his business works with where you are now.

After our fun and enlightening talk with Shiva about cultural expectations, beliefs, and misunderstandings, Jordan came back to talk about the new year, getting fit and so much more.

Guest: Jordan from Kansas Strength & Performance (on facebook)


Bob Love and JC Guest and John Alexander share some memories along with the project TheLoveStory.com. It’s a chronicle of the Love Family and how much of Rudy Love’s music has not been credited – lots of big names on the project. Listen to find out who!

Our hosts also share a variety of products from Hammond Liquor for Valentine’s day and your upcoming parties.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS. 


Hosts: Robin, Michelle, Don, Sean

Topic: For 50 years, Rudy Love and The Love Family have created legendary music alongside the rich and famous. They are revered by icons in the music industry, yet go into any record store and you’ll be lucky if the owner knows their name. It is long overdue to expose the legend. This is The Love Story.

Bob Love , JC Guest, John Alexander
To hear music, and see more about the documentary visit the websitewww.thelovestoryfilm.com
If you have photos, film or or other connections to the Love Family that you want to share with the project, please contact the crew through their facebook page here:thelovestoryfilm 

Spotlight on local business: 
Holiday Party drinks at Hammond Liquor! 


Our hosts talked about their favorite shows from this past year.  Then we get to hear about Wichita’s own food trucks! #ictfoodtrucks

HOSTS: DON, SETH, MICHELLE, ROBIN, JENN, SHAWN . Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.

Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.
Our hosts talked about their favorite shows from this past year. Some of which are linked to below. 

  1. VA scandal
  2. Bullying
  3. Solar energy
  4. Human Trafficking
  5. Wheel of Fortune Ranch

Special guests from our Wichita Food Trucks came to tell us about what they cook, how they’ve grown in the ICT and where to find them.
Find out more about them below.

Wichita Food Trucks – Linea B
PopUp Food Park 
The Flying Stove _ jeff
Funky Monkey Munchies
Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen – farm to truck (organic, natural, local produce)!


Deronda Aiken shares more staggering facts and statistics about human trafficking and shares how the showing of the movie, 8 Days – a story about human sex trafficking to Wichita’s Orpheum theater.

12238067_1686180244956006_3392273000893404058_oShow Hosts: Don, Fassa, Jenn, Rhodie
Shot on location at Mindfire Academy, Wichita, KS.





Our show hosts chat:
Talking about hives, and Oak Mites – can they give us hives? They do bother the garden says Don! Rhoadie went to KC and bought some vintage costumes /clothing. Fassa was carbonmonoxide poisoned – by her own heater! She thought it was the flu, but it’s not. (see our business spotlight at the end of the show for more info.) Do you like Bacon or Sausage? Jenn is outnumbered.
Two runaway teen girls were picked up and raped over the weekend, but were found by police.




12194889_1686180578289306_909160903886400202_o  Deronda Aiken shares more staggering facts and statistics about human trafficing and shares how the showing of the movie, 8 Days – a story about human sex trafficking to Wichita’s Orpheum theater.
Deronda explains the premise of the movie and the plotline.
80% of all proceeds go to help those who are victims of human trafficking.
She also shares tips to help prepare parents to talk to their children about trafficking and how to help them be more aware.

Website: globalportal4freedom.com
Contact info: Task Force Hotline – 1.316.644.1163
8 Days – the movie on Amazon (rent, buy on intant stream, or buy the dvd).
Go to a local Quick Trip in an emergency situation if you are in danger, being chased.
Call the National Trafficking Hotline for help. 1-888-373-7888

12239441_1686181258289238_617035890014885677_oMary – Wichita Area Sexual Assult Center (wasac)
They are the local rape crisis center for over 41 years. Everything is private and confidential. (you do NOT have to live in Wichita, or even in Sedgwick Co. to use their services).

1. You are not alone.
2. It is not your fault that it happened – no matter what.
3. I can listen. There is always someone here who can listen and help you.



12189496_1686181101622587_3516610605941249216_oShe explains what the process is if you are raped and go to the hospital or even if you wait years to report the crime. They provide both nurses and emotional help, along with a host of other services, for the life of the victim.
Groups: for teens, adult women, and hopefully men soon.
Services are for all sexes – men, women, boys and girls.

We talk about the definition of Rape. It isn’t just the scary man in a dark alley. It is often someone we know and trust who perpetrates the act.

You can see all the services here: http://wichitasac.com/services/ from court advocacy to therapy.

Website: http://wichitasac.com/
Crisis hotline: Call us at (316) 263-3002 or toll free 1-877-927-2248
Location: WASAC 355 N. Waco, Suite 100 Wichita, KS 67202
If you want someone to come provide education / speaking you can call their local office at Office: (316) 263-0185
Fax: (316) 263-0563


11222208_1686182168289147_471074036452075699_oSpotlight on Local Business: 
Aaron from Doherty’s Heating and Air explains what happened at Fassa’s house and how everyone can protect themselves with maintenance on their furnace and air conditioners.
Lots of great details about carbon detectors and how things are made now compared to older products.

Website: dohertysheatncool.com
Phone 316-945-5242