Common Core Curriculum + YESS Camp Wichita + Music Industry Student

We learn today about Common Core Curriculum in our schools, summer camp for special needs kids in Wichita, and what it’s like to be a student in the music industry!

Common Core in Kansas and across the country is an issue that might be hard to wrap your head around. Local mother, Jennifer McCoy, and Dr. Walt Chappell tell us about their knowledge, background and how it seems to not benefit the students or teachers. There are details about who pushed common core at the legislative level and what that looked like at the classroom levels. We follow the money back to large organizations through Dr. Chappell’s details and it would appear the changes were motivated by money. But, listen and decide for yourself.

Marty from YESS special needs summer camp in Wichita, KS tells us about the program. Both Michelle and Jenn have had children in this camp. Find out more through the ARC of Sedgwick Co.

In our last segment we hear from Mindfire Academy student, Serita about the music industry nationally, and what she’s learned while attending Mindfire.


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