Unity in the Community

We have a discussion about our community and the disparity that we all see within it. Our topics are controversial to some, and there are some surprisingly heated moments. Overall, we want to see Unity in the Community. Please watch and feel free to leave your comments about the show on youtube, Facebook, or on our site.

Segment 1:
We have a chat about our club scene in downtown Wichita and the violence that has been happening in the last year or two.
Have we lost our teen scenes and are our young adults really grown up enough to be in the night clubs? Not according to psychology.

Segment 2:
Dewan – Sunflower Community Action https://www.facebook.com/Sunflowercommunityaction/?fref=tshttp://www.sunfloweract.org/
They see a disconnect between the community and the police. They’ve had some conversations with the new Wichita Police Chief. But, they have yet to see the changes take place at the community level.

There is a conversation about skin color (not just black and white), wars, and there are some strong, yet different, opinions from this panel!

Segment 3:
Ty talks about going back to school after being laid off. Got done with 3 degrees within 4 hours, but can’t get hired anywhere in order to pay for the loans that it took to get those degrees.
She talks about statistics that Harvard found related to racial disparity when it comes to work and school.

The discussion gets heated – are people having a pitty party or are they just plain frustrated? It appears to be both. What can you do about it? The crew has some suggestion.

Segment 4:
juneteenth June 19 is when the last slaves were released from Texas.
In celebration of this historic event, our community (and the whole world) will be offering free health screenings and other celebrations!
This is a week long festival – with parades, free movies, game nights and health screenings. You can find more on their Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/452528318289391/

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